Ugandans Arrested Voting In Kenya

Kenya Police has arrested trucks loaded with Ugandans that have been illegally voting in Kenya elections. It is not yet esablished which candidate they had gone to vote for.

However, other sources say Kenyans living in Uganda had on Monday crossed into the country to take part in the ongoing vote.

“If there are eligible Kenyan voters in Uganda, they can come and vote and then go back to Uganda. We have deployed enough security personnel along our border,” he said.

Omar added that Kenyan security agents are doing a joint patrol with Ugandan police to ensure security prevails.

“We are sharing a lot of intelligence with our Ugandan colleagues, as well as doing joint patrols day and night,” he said.

Some 1,500 security officers have been deployed along the borders from Lwakhakha to Port Victoria in and on roads.

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