Burundi’s Opposition Leader Agathon Rwasa Suspended From Party

Details reaching Taarifa Political desk indicate the Agathon Rwasa the main opposition leader in neighbouring Burundi, has been kicked out of his own party after 8 months of internal party disputes.

Rwasa is accused of serious violations especially embezzlement of party funds and property; selfishnes, sowing divisionism among party members, breaking party rules among others.

According to their decision of July 4, 2023, suspending Agathon Rwasa from the office of president and legal representative of the CNL party, the ten deputies and members of the political bureau of 2019 add the absence of statutory meetings of the organs and his silence in the face of incessant requests for meetings through internal communication platforms and correspondence addressed to him.

These deputies accuse him of plotting against the organs of the party.

“He invented and conveyed the conspiracy against the organs he leads by accusing certain officials without proof of wanting to overthrow the party organs, of wanting to create a CNL Nyakuri party and attack his security”.

According to them, Rwasa maintains continual accusations tending to victimize himself, and has circumvented the official organs of the party, especially in terms of communication by creating phantom accounts on social networks. “And this, in order to propagate divisive, hateful and dehumanizing remarks towards his adversaries”.

Regarding the violation of the legal texts, these ten deputies who still claim to be members of the Political Bureau accuse Rwasa of giving himself the prerogative to modify alone the statutes and the Internal Rules of the party; to want to destroy the party by decapitating its supreme organ; to organize illegal congresses and to have proclaimed himself president of the party through an illegal congress.

According to them, Rwasa refused to obey the decisions of the public authority by suspending the ten deputies members of the Political Bureau while the party is suspended from its activities.

Meanwhile, his suspension at the head of the party has been badly received in the provinces.

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